What is the QSCD?

It is the “qualified e-Seal” in eIDAS context which price includes both the QSCD* crypto stick, as well as the qualified certificate for e-Seal. The QSCD crypto stick is certified as Common Criteria crypto stick.

* QSCD – according to eIDAS, the Qualified Signature Creation Device is a device which has Common Criteria (CC) certificate for Protection Profile SSCD (Standard EN 419 211, Protection Profiles for Secure Signature Creation and other related devices part 1–2). This kind of device enables higher cryptographic security compared to software based signing (so called soft token).

If you do not have your own device it is possible to order the qualified e-Seal. For doing so, choose „Order e-Seal on QSCD crypto stick” on the order form. You will be issued the qualified certificate for e-Seal on the QSCD.

You can also order a test certificate which can only be used in SK’s test environment. Issuance of test certificate is free of charge. 
More information about testing:

Order e-Seal on QSCD crypto stick


Order e-Seal on QSCD crypto stick



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