What is Mobile-ID?

Mobile-ID is an electronic identity service that using at companies e-services enables easy and secure authentication of customer and signing documents electronically. 
We offer Mobile-ID service in co-operation with mobile operators in Estonia and Lithuania. 

Business advantages

  • simplifies the use of e-services
  • rises security and trustfulness of e-services
  • enables signing of documents electronically
Simplifies the use of e-services
When enabling Mobile-ID authentication at your e-service you can provide services directly and securely to all Mobile-ID holders without prior registration. It is also convenient for users, because they do not have to remember different usernames or passwords – the same identification tool and PIN codes apply to all services. There are more than 400 thousand Mobile-ID users in Estonia and Lithuania and it can be used at over 600 e-services today. 
Rises security and trustfulness of e-services
Electronic identification by Mobile-ID is in several ways better and securer than a username and password. Upon authentication by Mobile-ID you can be certain that the right data is obtained from the document and the document is in the hands of the right person – this way the service provider’s risk of receiving false information from the user is reduced.
Enables signing of documents electronically
Using a Mobile-ID for digital signature is convenient and quick, because it allows for carrying out operations, for which one had to use a handwritten signature in the past, electronically and without paper. Electronic signatures given with Mobile-ID are equal with handwritten signatures in European Union (Qualified Electronic Signature – QES by EU eIDAS regulation).

How to start?



Telia Estonia:
SK ID Solutions has implemented a service that enables Telia´s Mobile-ID customers to use Mobile Connect. Mobile Connect allows users to prove their identity in global e-services, for login, purchases and in the future, signing. SK offers knowledge, trust, professionalism and most importantly: they deliver!

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Order Mobile-ID



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