Price List of Mobile-ID and Smart-ID Service for Brokers

The following Price List applies to Brokers that intend to incorporate Mobile-ID and Smart-ID Service into its central authentication and digital signing solution and re-sell to third parties as part of it.

Valid from 01.06.2023

Minimum Number of Transactions Price per Transaction € Minimum fee per Month €
10 000 0,1 1000

Volume-based discounts apply from the Price List for transactions exceeding a volume of 10 000 transactions per month.

Prices are VAT exclusive

Transaction – Smart-ID or Mobile-ID authentication or signing request

Minimum Number of Transactions - if the number of transactions performed by the Broker is less than the minimum number of transactions stated in the price package, the monthly payment will be minimum fee per month.

Implementation of Terms and Conditions of the Price List

  1. The price includes Smart-ID and Mobile-ID transactions. SK may apply an additional service fee for provisioning extracts from logs or other related services.
  2. Prices are valid for Smart-ID and Mobile-ID Service provided in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.