Price List of Smart-ID Service for Identity Providers

The following Price List applies to Subscribers who are either Identity Providers and/or Registration Authorities. 

 Valid from 01.07.2022

Service Package Minimum Number of Transactions Price per Transaction € Minimum fee per Month €
I 100 000 0,0396 3960
II 250 000 0,0286 7150
III 500 000 0,0198 9900
IV 1 000 000 0,0143 14 300
V 2 000 000 0,0106 21 200
VI 3 000 000 0,0088 26 400
Personal package over 5 000 000 personal agreement personal agreement

Prices are valid for Smart-ID Service provided in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. For support and pricing in other countries, please contact sales[A]

Prices are VAT exclusive

Transaction - Smart-ID authentication or signing request

Minimum Number of Transactions​ - if the number of transactions performed by the Subscriber is less than the minimum number of transactions stated in the price package, the monthly payment will be minimum fee per month.​

Identity Provider - An organization who is providing electronic authentication means and who is responsible for creating electronic identities which are used for issuing Smart-ID. Identity Provider is verified by SK to follow the Requirements for Identity Providers

Registration Authority - an entity that is responsible for identification and authentication of the applicants of Smart-ID. Additionally, the Registration Authority may accept Smart-ID applications, check the applications and/or forward the applications to SK.

Integration fee for Smart-ID Identity Providers


SK issues Smart-ID according to Certificate Policy for Non-Qualified Smart-ID and/or Certificate Policy for Qualified Smart-ID. These documents are available at

To achieve the Identity Provider status the applicant has to meet the Requirements for Identity Providers.

 Valid from 01.01.2017

Non-Qualified Smart-ID Qualified Smart-ID
Fee per Identity Provider 100 000 € 0 €

Prices are excluding VAT.

Identity Provider integration fee includes:

  • Evaluation of identity quality level against Requirements for Identity Providers
  • Identity Provider’s integration into Smart-ID application
  • Identity Provider’s integration into Smart-ID system
  • Process integration for error handling

If there are extra costs for SK from the Identity Provider then SK has the right to charge them back to Identity Provider.

Integration fee shall be paid after compliance audit has been finished and applicant complies with requirements.

No integration fee applies if Identity Provider meets the requirements for qualified Smart-ID issuance.