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X-tee, the data exchange layer for information systems, is a technological and organizational environment enabling a secure Internet-based data exchange between information systems. The name of the X-tee comes from a comparison with a crossroad where different data collections and information systems collide in order to securely exchange information.

Main task of the sercurity server is to mediate queries in a way that ensures their proof value in the future.

Business advantages

More than 200 information systems communicate via the X-tee system which enables secure and immediate exchange of data. By integrating to the X-tee system, an organization can save multiple resources, because an interoperable and secure data exchange layer with all the other X-tee members already exists. Data exchange between all the members of the X-tee ecosystem is much more effective.

To ensure the completeness of data exchange and to identify the link of the mediated message and the member of the X-tee, all the following services provided by a qualified trust service provider and compliant to the X-tee requirements must be configured and available for using in the security server: certification, validity confirmation and time-stamping service. Members of the X-tee are obliged to use services that are provided by qualified trust service providers. SK’s qualified trust services are described in the configuration of the X-tee.  

Prices and ordering

Price list of certificates for members of X-tee can be found here.

  • If you are hosting a security server of X-tee, please order services as security server host (order Certificate for Authentication and e-Seal, Validity Confirmation Service and/or Time-Stamping Service).
  • If you are not the owner of a security server and are outsourcing the hosting of a security server, please order services as security server client (order only certificate for e-Seal).

Order necessary trust services here:

Order as security server client 

Order as security server host

In case of problems with X-tee, please contact the customer support of Information System Authority.


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