Test certification hierarchy

In order to ensure a similar structure for the certification chain for the test and production versions, the new test chain has various service certificates for issuing various types of test certificates similarly to the product hierarchy.

Test ID-card certificates are issued from two different hierarchy.

  • For older test ID-cards certificates are issued by TEST of ESTEID-SK 2015 (issued by TEST of EE Certification Centre Root CA).
  • Issuer of new test ID-card (available since 2018) certificates is TEST of ESTEID2018 (issued by root TEST of EE-GovCA2018). Additional info about new ID-card is available in

Test organization certificates (i.e. e-seal) are issued by TEST of KLASS3-SK 2016 (issued by TEST of EE Certification Centre Root CA)

Analogically to the hierarchy in the production, the OCSP certificate is issued by the top-level certifier in the new test certificate structure. The exception is certifier TEST of EID-SK 2016 where TEST of EID-SK 2016 OCSP RESPONDER 2018 is used. 

All the certificates described in the article can be downloaded at the following address