Time-Stamping Service

SK’s qualified Time-Stamping Service certifies the existence of specific data at a certain point of time. It is, therefore, widely used in digital signing or archiving documents.

Time-Stamping Service uses PKI and trusted time sources to provide secure and reliable information that is compatible with international standards (RFC 3161). Our PKI-based Time-Stamping Service is protected using
digital signature, meaning that no one is able to change the data once it is recorded and confirmed with SK's time stamp.

As a trust service provider included in the European Trust List, SK is the first to issue the eIDAS qualified time stamps. SK’s Time-Stamping Authority is recognized with a certificate for issuing qualified electronic time stamps that meet the eIDAS requirements.

SK issues millions of time stamps a month to our customers all over the world. We have high customer satisfaction and an advantage of a good price-to-quality ratio for our service. 

Benefits from SK’s qualified Time-Stamping Service include:

  • guarantee from SK as a trust service provider included in the European Trust List;
  • certified service that meets the eIDAS requirements for qualified electronic time stamps;
  • digital signatures in ASIC-E format accepted all over the EU;
  • non-repudiation of data and documents.

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Proofstack (Singapore):
SK ID Solutions is the first Qualified Authority in the EU that we integrated successfully into Proofstack's platform. The process was very smooth and quick, because they were very supportive in all steps. Happy to work with a professional team and get a good price.


The Centre of Registers and Information Systems (Estonia):
We have been collaborating with SK ID Solutions for over ten years. SK has won several public procurement contracts organized by us (e.g. validity confirmation and time-stamping service during 2009-2017). The contracts awarded have been properly carried out, the services offered are of high quality, and the cooperation has been smooth.


SK's Time-Stamping Service is compliant with the eIDAS regulation and included in the European Trusted List.

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Order Time-Stamping Service



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